Jana Varga is a Slovak artist living in London and her music is very much in the timeless singer-songwriter traditions of American and British artists of the late 60's through to the present day. Like all good songwriters, Jana tells her own story and she fuses Americana and folk with her love of Jazz and a classical music background, giving much of her work a trademark added 'musicality'.”

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Bi-weekly Live-stream!



I haven't posted on the website for a while since most of us get the information from social media these days. However, there are lots of people who don't have Facebook account (that's great, btw :) ! ) and…

Review by Paul Sexton


This little review in Prog Magazine really made my day! Really happy and honoured. 

'Lanterns' On HMV Shelves!


I am super excited to be supported by HMV! As part of their Local & Live program, my debut EP 'Lanterns' made its way into the Westfield store. Keep your eyes peeled for more HMV related news - there will…