I Joined BiGiAM Agency

A piece of good news here...I am delighted to announce that I joined the roster of BiGiAM agency. I contacted them during lockdown, originally asking for some PR advice regarding a project I was working on. Somehow along the way it turned into more of a collaboration. We talked about the changing face of this industry, about promotion and ways of presenting an artist. We found out we share a deep and profound love of '60s and '70s music - namely The Beatles, Eagles, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Janis Ian, Paul Simon and generally the era of confessional songs. They were very supportive of my music and writing, which is always 'wearing my influences on my sleeve' but staying true to myself and bringing a piece of me to every song. 

I am very proud to be associated with other musicians on the roster who I have a great respect for: Jo Harman, Georgia Van Etten, Eddy Smith, Jade Like The Stone, Connor Selby...

The agency has a great philosophy and I'm happy to say we share the same values when it comes to the business side of things: 'Music comes first'. 

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