'Deserve My Love' Makes Editorial Spotify Playlist

I'm very excited that my new single 'Deserve My Love' landed a place on an editorial Spotify playlist called 'Come Home To The Blues' ! I've been told it's quite hard to land one and I feel very grateful that the curators picked my song. Since then I was watching my listeners grow in USA, Germany, UK, Australia and more...


'Deserve My Love' on Spotify

My huge thanks goes to the fantastic bassist and producer Stefan Redtenbacher (Joss Stone) and his 'Redtenbacher's Funkestra' for making this song soar to heights I didn't imagine when I first wrote it. Blessed with talents of Tony Rémy on guitar (Annie Lennox), Ross Stanley on Hammond organ (Liane Carroll) and Mike Sturgis on drums (David Bowie) 'Deserve My Love' is founding its way into people's hearts.

Check out https://redtenbachersfunkestra.com 


It started very simply, just by playing some chords and trying out melodies at my piano. The phrase 'deserve my love' was bouncing around in my head and I was trying to find out what it meant. How can I find an angle to tell this story? I realised many people don't treat their partners the way they deserve. We all get so absorbed in ourselves and sometimes don't listen enough to each other, we don't make space for each other. But it's really quite simple - you give back the love you get. This is a little 'nudge in the ribs' of those who sometimes forget that. 

I am looking forward to watching this song take a life of its own as well as collaborating with the Redtenbacher's Funkestra on future releases! 

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